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 Sidequest Rules

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PostSubject: Sidequest Rules   Sidequest Rules Icon_minitimeSat Jan 05, 2008 12:52 am

The Sidequest forum is for Users to have theyre own RPs with theyre own Rules. With that in mind unless the rule speciffically says so the rules of the Official RP Don't apply.
If you wish to make your own RP use the following Form in your first post.
Universe: The World in which your RP takes place
Details: The looks or your world and anything special about your world that would not be expected. If nothing is here then assume the world is identical to Earth
Rules: The rules by which your RP will be run. If nothing is posted here use the Official rules
Character Sheet: Yes or No If you do use it then be aware that you can't take part in the Official RP or any other Character Sheet RPs. If you don't then use then use the Character Form posted
Quest: Post the goal for your RP here
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Sidequest Rules
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