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 Official Roleplay Rules

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PostSubject: Official Roleplay Rules   Official Roleplay Rules Icon_minitimeSat Jan 05, 2008 12:35 am

1. You MUST use a character sheet. To fill out your character sheet Click Profile Arrow Character Sheet Arrow Generate Character Sheet

2. When setting your Health and Mana the two numbers added together must be EQUAL TO OR BELOW 500

3. Whenever you use lose Health or Mana go into your character sheet and edit it. Im sorry but there is no better way to do this that I am aware of.

4. Do not use status effect spells. I have been told that this is God Moding and while I have no problem with it personally some people do. *coughVanyacough*

5. Do not spam in the Roleplay section for that will upset me.

6. If you post an action, you have comitted to that action. Do not edit your actions. If many people do I will remove the ability for anyone but Mods and Admins to edit in the Roleplay Category.

7. Do not do something immpossible. For example if your character is a warrior do not use a high level spell

8. Do not flame users for beating you in either the Official or Sidequest roleplays. If you must have revenge use the Free Fight Forum.

9. Have fun cheers

Cheating will result in:
1st offense: Warning then moderation back to a fair state(For example if your warrior character uses a high level spell, your post will be moded to *stands and does nothing* (Moded for cheating)

2nd offense: Banning from the current RP You will not be allowed to post in the RP in question until it is over. You will be allowed to join other simultaneous and later RPs.

3rd offense: Banning from RPs for 2 months. After the time has passed you will be allowed back into all RPs

4th offense: Banning from ALL RPs and 1st offense of any rules on forum will result in an IP Ban
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Official Roleplay Rules
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